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What is MBela by MAXIMA?

MBela is a facilitator of Maxima at the operation areas. Their role is to promote the products and to register the clients in the village that they control;
and they can provide the loan to the people living in their village or community.

What are the benefits?

MBela will receive benefits as below:

  • Basic salary with incentives (based on the performance)
  • Receive training from a professional staff in Maxima
  • Gain experience from Maxima Microfinance PLC
  • Have an opportunity to be a permanent staff in Maxima
  • Gain new knowledge, additional income, and help the community by providing loans to the low income households in the villages

Why should I become an MBela?

To help the community via providing the loan to the low households in villages to improve their living standard and to get new knowledge related to financial as well as additional income.



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MAXIMA can provide loan from $5,000 to $27,000 with loan term up to 48 months.

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